Indiana Earthquake Rocks Central Part Of State And Beyond

December 30, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Central Indiana was rocked by an earthquake early Thursday morning that was felt as far away as Chicago!

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The 3.8 magnitude Indiana earthquake, which was originally estimated by the U.S. Geological Survey at 4.2, was the first earthquake of that magnitude to ever hit Central Indiana. Indiana Geological Survey’s director said the Indiana earthquake location–3 miles underground–was extremely rare.

The tremors of the quake which struck around 8 a.m. were felt in Chicago, Naperville and Buffalo Grove, Illinois and residents told NBC Chicago that they felt their beds rattling and ceiling fans moving Thursday morning. What’s a 3.8 earthquake feel like? According to a geophysicist, it “would feel like a loaded truck passing by.”

Laura Smith, who works at nearby Windmill Grill, spoke with CNN and initially thought a truck had crashed into her building while making a delivery. She recounts her ordeal:

The whole building just shook.You could feel your body shaking. It was amazing. Personally, I thought it was exciting.

In case you’re wondering, Indiana’s last major earthquake was on April 18, 2008 and was the strongest to hit Indiana in 40 years at a magnitude of 5.2.

Thankfully there was no damage reported.


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