Kristi Cornwell Remains ID’d, Missing Since 2009

January 3, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Missing Georgia woman Kristi Cornwell went missing in August 2009 and the case seemed to have dried up–until now. Georgia Police say that skeletal remains discovered Saturday in Union County belong to Kristi Cornwell.

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John Bankhead, a spokesman from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, said that Kristi Cornwell’s identity was confirmed through dental records. The remains were found by a passer-by in Union County and were located about nine miles from where Cornwell disappeared from on August 11, 2009.

Police believe that Kristi Cornwell, 38, was abducted while walking along a rural road in Blairsville, Georgia. Her boyfriend was on the phone with her at the time when a car pulled up. He then heard his girlfriend scream, “Don’t take me!” before the line went dead. Cornwell’s personal effects were later found along the side of the road, but a thorough search failed to turn up any clues on her whereabouts.

According to the GBI, over 1,250 investigative acts, 450 home visits and 776 tips were investigated in the search for Kristi Cornwell to no avail.

Eventually, the police named James Carringer, 42, as a possible suspect but when they surrounded him in Atlanta in April, he committed suicide. Carringer was a suspect in other attacks including a woman at Kennesaw State University in Cobb County, Georgia and a young girl in Alabama.


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