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If you’re a woman in America and have a beating heart, chances are you watched the season 11 premiere of The Bachelor on ABC last night. Starring heart breaker extraordinaire, Brad Womak, 30 young ladies (and a vampire), the show started off with all the juicy dramz we know and love.

So who made the cut? Keep reading to find out!

Brad Womak met 30 drop dead (and possibly one undead) ladies on last night’s season premiere of The Bachelor on ABC. We met a mortician, a dentist, a Rockette and a vampire. Yes, a vampire. (She models on the side).

So who did our ladies man keep around after the drawn out rose ceremony that left only 20 standing?

Alli Travis: 24, buyer for Abercrombie & Fitch, lives in Ohio.

Ashley Hebert (pronounced “AY-bear”): 25, Madawaska, Maine. A longtime ex boyfriend died right before she came on the show. Has a tattoo on her wrist that says “Crazy Beautiful”. Currently attending dental school at the University of Pennsylvania.

Ashley Spivey: 25, nanny from NY, gets the first impression rose. Her father died 2 years ago.

Britt Billmaier: 24 or 25, Seattle, WA. Stanford grad, is a chef and works for a food magazine.

Chantal O’Brien: 28, Mercer Island, WA. Chantal is the daughter of Mike O’Brien, a former Seattle Seahawk and owner of the O’Brien Auto Group chain in the Pacific Northwest. She works as her dad’s assistant at the corporate office and is divorced. She was married in 2005 and divorced in 2009. Chantal O’Brien‘s ex-husband Jason Vena is the lead singer of the musical group Acceptance. (SPOILER ALERT – Some are suggesting that she is the WINNER!)

Emily Maynard: 24, Charlotte, North Carolina. Mother of a 5 year old daughter, Ricki. The father of her daughter is Ricky Hendrick, of the well known Hendricks Motor Sports in NASCAR. Ricky died in plane crash in 2004. Five days after he died, Emily found out she was pregnant with Ricky’s child. They were never married. She’s also dated Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Jackie Gordon: 27 or 28, from Rhode Island, currently lives in New York City. Works with special needs kids on Upper West Side.

Keltie Colleen: A Dancer/choreographer, originally from Alberta, Canada. Now living in LA. She has appeared in numerous music videos.

Kim Coon: 25, a marketing coordinator in Charlotte, North Carolina. Got her undergraduate degree from the University of Miami and Masters at the University of Alabama. She Was a Carolina Panthers cheerleader in 2009.

Lindsay Hill: 25, Frisco, Tx. Was a 1st grade teacher at Allen Elementary school in Frisco, Tx.

Lisa Morrisey: 24, Lives in Kansas City. Former track star at the University of Kansas.

Madison Garton: Lives in New York City. She is a part of the New York Underground Vampire Club. And, she has fangs. Whatever that means.. she bit Brad on the neck when she received her rose on the first night.

Marissa May: 26, Works for SUN Sports/FOX Sports Florida as a Production Assistant. Graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2007.

Meghan Merritt: 30, former marketing manager for Dolce & Gabbana. She quit her job to do the show.

Melissa Schreiber: 31, waitress in Boca Raton, Fla. Oldest woman on the show.

Michelle Money: 30, Salt Lake City, UT. Works at a salon as a stylist, but also has a modeling/acting background. She’s divorced and has a 5 year old daughter named Brielle.

Raichel Goodyear: Lives in Orange County, CA. She is a cosmetologist who waxes Brad’s arms on the first night.

Sarah Powell: She’s a realtor.

Shawntel Newton 24, is from Chico, California. She works as an enbalmer and funeral director at their family owned funeral parlor.

Stacey Queripel: Bartender at Splash Lounge and Burger Bar in Boston, MA. She has a degree in Civil/Environmental Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

There you have it!


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  1. Even though I am a man, I think Brad is drop-dead gorgeous. A very handsome and sweet guy. He just needs to drop his untrusting and fear-ridden nature and his insecurities. Those things make him unattractive to people of both genders for friendship and especially if he wants a committed relationship and marriage with a special woman.

    He is going to be a very sad and lonely man in later life unless he changes now. And I heard him say on TV last night that he is a changed man. His good looks are of no help if he is a fearful and insecure person. That special woman wants a man who is emotionally strong and emotionally available and who will and can commit.

    Best of luck, Brad. You deserve love, happiness and a special someone in your life. Don’t keep shooting yourself in the foot so to speak.


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