Dunkin Donuts Teams Up With American Red Cross

January 4, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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Just when you thought you couldn’t get anything for free anymore, Dunkin Donuts has announced their partnership with the American Red Cross giving blood donors a free pound of coffee all month long!

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The “Give a Pint, Get a Pound” campaign was recently launched by Dunkin Donuts and the American Red Cross. This month – National Blood Donor Month – all blood donors are entitled to a coupon that can be redeemed for one pound of coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

Last year, the campaign did extremely well helping the American Red Cross to surpass their blood collection goals with over 90,000 pints donated. More than 300,000 pounds of coffee have been given out to donors over the past three years!

Red Cross spokesperson Donna M. Morrissey spoke to CBS News:

‘With the holidays and the weather, typically over the winter months we see a shortage of blood.’ She said the Northeastern U.S. needs about 3,000 pints of blood each day just to meets its basic needs.

Morrissey went on to explain that blood has a shelf life of 42 days, and that each unit donated may help save three lives.

Sound too good to be true? Well, there’s a little catch. The campaign is only launching in seven states: New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island. These states are the ones most likely to experience a blood shortage this winter. So if you live elsewhere, no free coffee for you although donating blood is still good for your karma. ;-)


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  1. Nice. I’m always up for freebies. And I have plenty of blood. LOL

  2. Haha Marty. This actually is great for those of us who regularly donate blood anyways! I’m definitely signing up for this Dunkin Donuts perk.

  3. Your articles are for when it absolutely, pioistvely, needs to be understood overnight.


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