David Nelson Of Ozzie And Harriet Has Died

January 12, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News
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The last of the Ozzie and Harriet family has died.

David Nelson, who played the older brother in TV’s Ozzie and Harriet Nelson family, died yesterday after a battle with colon cancer. Nelson was 74.

He died at his California home with his wife of 36 years, Yvonne.

David Nelson was just 16 when he joined his parents, Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, and younger brother Rick on the radio show “Here Come the Nelsons,” in 1952. That radio show became the hit show “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.”

Even though he was so young, David Nelson directed and produced several episodes. His brother Ricky, who died in a plane crash on 1985, went on to become a teen idol, while David cemented himself as a successful director and producer.

According to CNN.com:

Along with his directorial work on his family’s TV series, Nelson directed “O.K. Crackerby,” “Childish Things,” “Easy to be Free,” “Ozzie’s Girls,” “Death Screams,” “Last Plane Out,” “Goodnight, Beantown” and “A Rare Breed.”

Born in New York, he actually was raised in LA and attended Hollywood High and the University of Southern California.

He is survived by his wife and kids. Nelson’s funeral will be in Los Angeles later this week.

More photos of the late David Nelson:


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