Ted Williams Arrested After Altercation With Daughter?

January 12, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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We all loved that feel good story last week about Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice. But today, we find out that internet sensation Ted Williams got into some trouble in LA, and suddenly, his heartwarming story just became a little less touching.

Was Ted Williams arrested? Read on…

Ted Williams may not have all that rosy of a future ahead of him if he keeps up the kind of antics that got him taken into police custody Monday night. Although “Ted Williams Arrested” headlines are popping up all over the web, it’s not exactly accurate. No arrests were made. Here are the facts: The trouble started at the Renaissance Hotel around 9pm when Ted Williams and his 29-year-old daughter, Janey Williams, got into a verbal altercation and the policy were called. Officer Catherine Massey of the LAPD commented on the matter:

‘It was minor. Both parties were angry but there were no signs of visible abuse.’ She said the two ‘were brought in, calmed down, talked to and released’ and she did not know the nature of the argument.

The LAPD says that no charges were pressed and both were released after an hour. Seems like the media is making a molehill out of this one–as usual. But something that is worth nothing is what Janey Williams said in the video clip linked below. She claims her father has been drinking again, an allegation which Ted Williams vehemently denies.

Ted Williams explained what happened:

I wanted to bring it to a close by just saying ‘shut the hell up and let me talk to your mother.’ When that was said out of my mouth my daughter exploded, just erupted into this jump up in my face type of thing, fists started flying, none of which were mine, none of which were mine, but it could have escalated to the point where it could have gotten really ugly. So in the process of doing that, I got scratched on my face…

Are his 15 minutes of fame almost over? Check out the video HERE and decide who is telling the truth.


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