He Admits It: Ted Williams Rehab News

January 13, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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The big news of the day is what everyone has been suspecting all along. The golden boy with a golden voice Ted Williams is off to rehab and who convinced him? None other than Dr. Phil!

Get the Ted Williams rehab scoop after the JUMP!

As we reported yesterday, Ted Williams got into an altercation with his daughter who claimed her father was still drinking. Naturally, Ted Williams denied the allegations. But not so fast! With a little nudging from Dr. Phil (who was probably salivating to get his hands on this one), Ted Williams agreed to go to rehab for alcohol addiction.

This is what Janey Williams said about her father’s drinking in an interview with ET:

“He’s consumed at least a bottle of Grey Goose a night, at least. That’s not including the Coronas he orders, that’s not including Budweisers he orders, that’s not including the other alcohol, the wines. He drinks – heavily.”

Doesn’t it all seem a little weird how the whole Ted Williams rehab thing went down? First, we hear about a random homeless guy who has as great radio voice who gets all these job offers and makes national news after going viral on YouTube. Then, he nearly gets arrested for an altercation with his daughter, goes on Dr. Phil and then magically agrees to go to rehab. Maybe it is organic, but something smells fishy. Anyway, I’ll get back to you on that one.

Check out The Dr. Phil Show today for the episode where Ted Williams admits he has been drinking.

More photos of Ted Williams:


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  1. Are there any pictures out there of his daughter?

  2. the important part is that Ted Williams is getting the help he needs in rehab. good thing he wasn’t arrested from the fight with his daughter.

  3. Hi Nana, you can check out the ET interview with Ted and his daughter Janey here:

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