Kathy Bates Stars In New Law Drama ‘Harry’s Law’

January 18, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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New shows keep popping up on TV and if you’re at a loss for something to watch, you should check out Harry’s Law which premiered last night on NBC. The legal comedy-drama features Oscar winner Kathy Bates who plays Harriet “Harry” Korn, a recently-fired patent attorney and her team of associates that run their law practice out of a rundown shoe store in Ohio.

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Kathy Bates’ character on the new David E. Kelley show is not your run-of-the-mill lawyer. Bates speaks about what drew her to the role:

I loved it because she had her feet up on the desk, she was smoking pot and watching Bugs Bunny. After that, I was in.

Like many of us these days, grumpy Harry lost her job and at age 60, she must start over. Kathy Bates explains her motivations and says she’s driven to solid roles both on television and the big screen:

I’m really an actor really driven by wanting to play a great character and that’s what attracted me in the beginning was finding this terrific character that just jumped off the page. And I really didn’t care at that point if it was the little screen or the big screen, I just really wanted to play this character.

Bates is joined by Brittany Snow who plays Jenna Backstrom, the shoe wiz and assistant, Nate Corddry as Adam Branch and Aml Ameen who plays Malcolm Davies. Is it worth tuning into? For sure, but you be the judge.

You can catch Harry’s Law Monday nights on NBC at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.


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  1. Watching the Bravo rerun of the Pilot episode on Wednesday morn and wondered who plays the judge! Can’t find him listed in the imdb.com page, and he’s so-o-o familiar! He displays such wonderful expressions as Harry and the ADA argue for and against legalization of drugs to solve the social problems caused by illegality of drugs! Great script, acting, everything!

    Who IS this guy?!

    In peace,
    Debbie Jordan


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