Injury Forces Venus Williams Out Of Australian Open 2011

January 21, 2011 |  by  |  Sports
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American tennis star Venus Williams was only able to get through seven points in her third-round match at the Australian Open 2011 before an injury forced her to withdraw. This marks the first time the 6’1″ star has retired from a Grand Slam singles match in her career. FYI, she started in 1994 and this was her 258th match.

What went wrong at the Australian Open 2011 for Venus Williams? Read on!

Venus Williams is known for being a powerhouse on the court (and for her skimpy tennis outfits) and unfortunately, she won’t be able to prove herself at this year’s Australian Open. Friday’s match against Andrea Petkovic started out rough as Williams lost the first game and quickly got behind in the second. As she stretched up to return a serve, she yelped in pain and grimaced while clutching her right side. Regrettably, she was not able to continue and retired from the match soon after.

Venus Williams explained the injury which she later noted as her psoas muscle which flexes the hip and spinal column:

Obviously I just couldn’t play, I couldn’t move, it was too painful. The last 48 hours, I just did as much pain management as I could. A lot of times when you play, you get that adrenalin and that blocks pain. I just didn’t get enough of that today. I was hoping for some magic that I could recover.

Her opponent Andrew Petkovic commented as well:

I feel very weird about how the things went. It’s a pity, and I feel very sorry. I just hope she gets better. She’s such a great champion.

That she is! In her career, Venus has taken home 43 singles titles and is currently ranked fifth in the world. My money was on Venus Williams to win it all, but it’s the end of the road for her at the 2011 Australian Open. And you can’t even root for her sister Serena Williams because she’s out on a foot injury. Ahh, there’s always Wimbledon. ;-)


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  1. Get better soon, Vanessa! America loves you…especially American men who can’t wait to see the next skimpy outfit you’ll be wearing. :)


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