J. Lo is the new Paula!

January 21, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Since the beloved and also slightly hated Simon Cowell left the American Idol panel behind, Randy is the last veteran judge. Last season they brought Ellen on board for, what seemed like, merely laughs. Kara had more experience than Ellen but many viewers still found themselves wondering about the strange antics of the judges. In their tenth season they seem to be getting back on track. Rookie judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez might be just what the show needs.

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Thursday night’s show was like a second date where we may just have started to let our guards down a little to give that new guy a chance.

This is what LA Times wrote when comparing Steven Tyler to Simon and he has been surprisingly funny. When one contestant was dared to go shirtless in front of J. Lo, Tyler actually joined him in his shirtless fiasco. Randy soon jumped in on the stunt to give J. Lo a little show and tell. Hopefully Marc Anthony wasn’t offended.

J. Lo cried on the second night of auditions which undoubtedly echoed, “Paula, Paula, Paula” in a lot of viewer’s minds. She also tends to announce any signs of goosebumps. Despite her waterworks she brings a lot of flavor to the show and her Latino, New York native background might give her one up on Paula.

Paris Tassin was the gem who brought out the Paula in J. Lo when she told the judges about her daughter Keira who has to wear hearing aids. Paris blew them away when she sang Carrie Underwood’s hit “Temporary Home”. Things took a turn for cheesy when Lopez decided to meet Paris and her daughter in the hallway to tell baby Keira how well her momma did.

“Thank you, it means everything,” said Paris.


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  1. I’m not sure that I’m going to like Jennifer Lopez on American Idol. She’s fun to watch, and I like her from the fashion angle (what will J. Lo be wearing tonight) but I don’t think she has the pizazz to keep up with Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler who have such strong personalities and critique methods.

  2. I agree. Im skeptical too… which I guess is what also makes her like paula who never critiqued anyone or had much critical to say. She just loved everyone!

  3. Joan, maybe that’s a good thing? It’s got to be such an intimidating thing to go up there and try out in front of some of the biggest music industry personalities.

  4. Paula was a terrible judge. Sometimes the truth hurts and if you can’t be truthful then you shouldn’t be a judge. I hope J-Lo lets her bad girl come through and not let everyone think that all women are emotional push overs.

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