NASA Announcement: Hubble Telescope Discovers Distant Galaxy

January 26, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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A short while ago (as in, just a few minutes), in a galaxy not so far away, NASA made a pretty incredible discovery.

Apparently, the NASA announcement that has taken the world by storm is this: the Hubble Telescope has found a distant Galaxy!

It’s the closest one that they have ever seen in the universe. So how close is close?

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Astronomers and their big scientific brains figured out a way to push the Hubble telescope to new limits by finding what is likely to be the most distant object ever seen in the universe.

The object is said to be a compact galaxy of blue stars that existed just 480 million years after the big bang [That is assuming that you accept the big bang theory]. The size of the galaxy is estimated at around 1/100th of our own.

If you’re as confused as I am, maybe this will help.

According to World News Insight:

13.2 billion years is the time it takes the objects light to reach Hubble, which is around 150 million years further away than the last object recorded as the most distant. Consider that the age of the universe is estimated at 13.7 billion years and you get a perspective of how far away this object actually is.

The Hubble has been in outer space for more than 20 years. So it’s pretty astonishing that it has the capability to do what it’s doing on decades old software.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, who was the pilot of the space shuttle mission that carried Hubble to orbit, said NASA continues to reach for new heights, and this latest Hubble discovery will deepen our understanding of the universe and benefit generations to come.

Next stop. Aliens!


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