Who’s Who in the Puppy Bowl 2011 Line-Up

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Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, and with it comes men in tights, funny commercials and a hopefully non-offensive halftime show. It’s a day to pig out with friends and yell at the TV. But this year, Super Bowl Sunday is going to the dogs. Literally.

For the seventh year in a row, Animal Planet will be airing the wildly popular Puppy Bowl. And, just like the Super Bowl, these pups are bringing their A-game.

Keep reading to see the furry four-legged Puppy Bowl lineup!

Starting at 3pm, dog lovers around the country will converge upon Animal Planet for Puppy Bowl VII. Last year’s Bowl broke a ratings record with 8.6 millions viewers. This year is gearing up for a blow out, too.

Puppy Bowl VII brings viewers a loveable lineup itching to play in a winning combination of terrier tackles, touchdowns, puppy penalties, fumbles and Fido first downs. Featuring fan favorites like the Water Bowl Cam, tail-gating fans, and the Ice Breakers blimp and its hamster crew, this year’s big game is sure to be a tail-wagger.

With an all-star, all-puppy cast of canines, here are the Top 5 to watch.

5. Amy

Breed: Golden Retriever/Corgi mix; Age: 18-weeks
Part Golden Retriever, this little gal has athleticism in her blood. But genetics could also be her downfall. There’s a fair amount of Corgi in there too, and we all know the royal sense of entitlement they tend to carry. At the very least, she has size and age on her side.

4. Savannah


Breed: Fluffy monster; Age: unknown
She may not look like much of a threat — or much of a dog, really — but Savannah could be a sleeper… It is our sincere hope that she doesn’t provoke a massacre on the field though, because the only thing we love more than puppies is that hipster ref.

3. Koda


Breed: Siberian Husky; Age: 16 weeks
Siberian Huskies are the distinguished bruisers of the dog world, the thinking man’s pit-bull, if you will. They’re also one of the only breeds still naturally conditioned for competition. If we were picking teams on breed alone, Koda would be our first choice. Also? Wook at thowse eaws.

2. Big Red


Breed: Shepherd Mix; Age: 13 weeks
This one’s easy. We’re really only going with Big Red because we’re basically already filing the adoption papers, and no son of ours is going to be a loser. There’s also a “Little” red in the competition this year, so you know he’s got to fair a much better than someone.

1. Jack


Breed: Lab Mix; Age: 12 weeks
Spoiler alert! This little guy may not look like much, but he’s a beast on the field. Animal Planet has released a promo of the game, and while a much larger pup is fiddling around with the plush pigskin, Jack swoops in for the kill and TD glory. Place your bets now.

The Puppy Bowl is also available for the first time ever in 3D!

Which puppy will win MVP?  And by MVP, we mean Most Valuable PUPPY!


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