Groupon Super Bowl Commercial In Bad Taste?

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The Super Bowl is known for providing top-notch entertainment. Rockin’ half time show? Check. Hilarious commercials? Check. Singers flubbing their lines? Check. Offensive commercials? CHECK!

The Groupon Super Bowl commercial has PO’d a lot of people. Find out why and see the commercial after the jump!

Groupon had a 30-second spot that started off like a normal commercial. Actor Timothy Hutton somberly narrated:

“Mountainous Tibet…one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is Timothy Hutton. The people of Tibet are in trouble, their very culture in jeopardy.”

Then his tone changed dramatically:

“But they still whip up an amazing fish curry. And since 200 of us bought on, we’re getting $30 worth of Tibetan food for just $15.”

Uh oh. Groupon’s attempt to poke fun missed the mark for many angry internet users. Blogger Rohit Bhargava commented:

Groupon seems to have achieved the unique feat of paying $3 [million] to lose customers who previously loved them.

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason spoke with the Wall Street Journal and was surprised by all the criticism the commercial has received. He insisted that it was a “spoof” on celebrity-endorsed public service announcements. But hey Groupon, maybe you could have done a little bit better in the celebrity department? Timothy Hutton? Come on!

Anyway, Groupon says they take the suffering of Tibet seriously and will raise money for the Tibetan people. Groupon posted this on Twitter: “Like standing too close to a rainbow, viewers’ hearts are warmed by #Groupon’s Super Bowl ad.”

Oh yea?

It’s kind of ironic because Groupon first came onto the scene as a website called The Point whose mission was to help people raise money for worthy causes. Seems a little odd they’d poke fun at something so serious, but who knows anymore?

Let’s flash back to last week for a second. We all saw the reaction to Kenneth Cole‘s genius idea for using the Egypt situation to promote his spring line. Maybe Groupon should take it easy next time they decide to broadcast a commercial with questionable subject material to millions of viewers. Or maybe they just got millions of new subscribers. Anyway, Groupon rules!

Here’s the video:
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