Lindsay Lohan’s White Dress Creates Fashion Frenzy (PICTURES)

February 11, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Lindsay Lohan sure knows how to make an entrance. While some defendants being accused of grand theft might try and look demure and innocent when appearing in front of a judge, Lohan strutted what her mamma gave her in a sexy white dress during her court appearance yesterday, causing a major frenzy on the web that resulted in the outfit to become the hottest ticket in town.

Where can you pick one up? Keep reading for details.

Unfortunately, you can’t. It seems that mere moment after Lohan walked the cat walk into court, the tightly fitted white Kimberly Ovitz (which Lohan claimed she “borrowed”), sold out online. It retails for $575 and comes in three colors.

After some handy Internet research, however, it’s looking like her little white dress might be a little white lie. Or a major PR stunt for the designer. You see, the dress appears to be in stock on Ovitz’s site, but is oddly out of stock or unavailable everywhere else on the web (including ShopStyle and

The dress is actually slated for an upcoming collection and, while it says that it’s sold out, isn’t even available until mid-April. So basically people are clamoring to buy a sold out dress that has yet to even go on sale.

Either way, Linsday seemed happy modeling the hot dress. Is this a new trend? Will designers start outfitting stars for all of their criminal offenses? What about a jaunt to the grocery store or DMV? With free PR like this, who needs the red carpet anymore!


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