MTSU Shooting Puts University On Alert

February 15, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News
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MURFREESBORO, TN: A 20-year-old student at Middle Tennessee State University pulled a gun on a former student during an argument Monday morning. MTSU was put on alert for 41 nerve wracking minutes until the shooter was apprehended.

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The shooter was MTSU junior Justin Macklin who got into a dispute with former student Austin Morrow, 20, and pulled out a revolver when the dispute escalated. He fired a shot at the ground outside the Keathley University Center, but the bullet ricocheted off the cement and ending up striking Morrow on his thumb, said MTSU Police Chief Buddy Peaster.

The MTSU campus, which is about 30 miles southeast of Nashville and home to 24,660 students, was on high alert for 41 long minutes after the shooting. They knew a shooting had occurred, but not to what degree, and feared for the worst.

“During that time, the suspect attempted to flee the scene by exiting with the other students,” said Officer Kyle Evans of the Murfreesboro Police Department. “An alert officer noticed…and he was taken into custody.”

After nearly 45 minutes, MTSU sent out an “all clear” text.

Jared Ongie, 23, a mass communications major said:

Now we know it was an isolated argument, but when you’re in the moment, it’s pretty terrifying.

Once picked up by police, Macklin was charged with carrying a weapon on school grounds, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment. He was out on $18,500 bond and a spokeswoman said a court hearing is set for March 2.

Luckily, no one else was injured in the MTSU shooting.


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