Sad Day For Bookworms As Borders Store Closings Are Announced

February 16, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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The world has become a slightly less happy place for all you bookworms out there after book giant Borders’ bankruptcy news started spreading like wildfire. The digital age has forced Borders into extinction and as a result, 200 Borders store closings are in the very near future.

Get all the details on the Borders store closings after the J-u-M-p!

There will soon be one less option for those of us who can’t use a Kindle now that the Borders Chapter 11 filling has become official.

So which Borders stores are closing? Check out the Borders store closings list:
Borders’ list of store closings

The overwhelming popularity of e-books played a pivotal role in the Borders store closings. E-book sales skyrocketed in 2010 bringing total sales to $441.3 million and that’s only including the 14 publishers who are registered with the Association of American Publishers’ monthly sales program.

In our mobile society, the transition to e-books is essential says Scott Spiewak, CEO of Fresh Impact Public Relations in Seattle:

Digital publishing is meeting consumers where they are at – on their devices, not in a store….We have been advising our authors for the past year to adapt their book websites and marketing plans accordingly to sell more books. The days of going to a store and seeing 1,000 people turn out is quickly fading unless you have an extremely high-profile author who has the following to boot.

Right on. Unless you want to become obsolete. And what’s not to like about e-books? They’re green, don’t take up space in your house and can never get lost!

For those that just can’t read anything but an actual paper book, there’s still Amazon and B & N. For now.


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