Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’ Video Debut

February 18, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Oh baby baby, the long-awaited video release from Britney Spears is finally here! The pop star has debuted the video for Hold It Against Me and if you’re curious to see what it’s all about, read on…

Watch the Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Video after the jump!

Brian Friedman choreographed the video which features Britney Spears dancing in a white flowing wedding dress that later becomes paint splattered, fighting her evil twin in a Britney vs. Britney duel, and clad in bullet-cased underwear? Intrigued?

Brian Friedman says Spears is “definitely setting the bar” with Hold It Against Me:

She’s showing that you have to push it as an artist: that you can’t just settle, that you can’t be calm with your choreography, that you have to make a statement. There’s so many people out there competing in this world to be the queen of pop, and she’s definitely claiming her throne.

And that’s a good thing because as much as I love Lady Gaga, there should be some healthy competition out there! Spears has earned her way to the top while going to hell and back, so the Hold It Against Me debut is refreshing.

Her new album entitled Femme Fatale is out March 15th. Will you be picking it up?

Watch Britney Spears Hold It Against Me Video:


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