Brazilian Blowout Worth The Risk?

February 24, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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If you’re tired of your frizzy unruly hair, you may want to think twice before considering a Brazilian Blowout treatment. The popular hair smoothing treatment contains formaldehyde which has been linked to cancer.

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What’s a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout, also called a Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Straightening, is a treatment done at a salon that will eliminate frizz from your hair. Your hair is washed and dried, then a keratin-based product is applied to the hair and finally flat-ironed to seal the product in one piece at a time. Your hair is left smooth, soft and frizz-free for months! Sound good? Not so fast….

What’s the problem with a Brazilian Blowout?

The problem is that formaldehyde is in the keratin-based product applied to your hair–and in staggering levels! Many manufacturers claim they use a tiny amount of this product, but a recent OSHA investigation says otherwise. In many of the treatments they investigated, high levels of formaldeyhyde were found. 8% in one case! In low doses, formaldehyde is relatively harmless, but over time, a Brazilian Blowout could increase one’s risk for cancer, they say.

Let’s think about this. You want smooth locks but at what price? Do you really want a chemical that’s used to embalm dead bodies in your hair? Didn’t think so. The creepy factor is one thing but the fact that it has been linked to cancer is downright dangerous. We all want our hair to be perfect, but a Brazilian Blowout may not be the best way to achieve that. Do you research, ladies and ask questions!


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