It’s Justin Bieber’s Birthday

March 1, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Do you hear the screams? No?? Well I promise you teen girls everywhere are going wild right now because heartthrob Justin Bieber is celebrating his 17th birthday today.

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So today is March 1st and Justin Bieber’s 17th birthday. What does the Biebs want for his birthday? A fancy car? Designer duds? NOPE! Justin Bieber wants you to donate to a charity! He’s acting very grown up and posted his birthday wishes on his Charity: Water web site:

Together, we’ve made a big difference for many causes. Did you know that about 4,500 kids die each day from waterborne disease? By building clean water projects for villages that need them, we can prevent this! I want to make my birthday matter this year — let’s make it so more kids can grow up to have a 17th birthday like me. Join me to make a change.

That’s all and good, but does he realllllly want you to donate to a charity? And what the heck is he so famous for? Yea, he has nice hair and sang a few songs (that weren’t written by him), but come on already. Maybe you have to be 17 to understand what the hype is all about.

Anyway, happy birthday Justin Bieber! Will he still be in the spotlight on his 18th birthday? We’ll see…


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