Willie Nelson to get out of jail with a song?

March 29, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Having talent will get your further than a stint on America Idol these days. It seems that country crooner Willie Nelson is going to avoid jail time… by singing.
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The pot smokin’ cowboy, Willie Nelson just got a lucky break. It was reported today that Texas Attorney Kit Bramblett recommended that Nelson’s judge let him go free on marijuana possession charges in exchange for pleading guilty and… wait for it…. live performance in court!


The lawyer suggested that Willie should return to court and perform his song, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, instead of doing any jail time or community service.

Possibly the greatest lawyer ever, Bramblett had this to say about it:

I am aware that he has been known to use pot for many years. I also know that Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson used to go out after supper and smoke a line of hemp and that’s what marijuana’s made out of.

Why not! It beats the clink!


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