Google Font Prank: Helvetica Becomes Comic Sans

April 1, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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It’s April Fools’ Day–have you been fooled yet? Well, lots of geeks out there have been pranked by Google in what I think is the most underwhelming April Fools’ idea ever. It has to do with two fonts, Helvetica and Comic Sans and is boorrrring.

Find out what the prank is all about after the JUMP!

Google decided to keep their April Fools’ pranks pretty low-key and lackluster. They geared the prank towards total nerds and/or graphic designers (the only ones who would notice this type of thing) and changed the search results for the word “Helvetica.” If you google Helvetica, your results will populate in the Comic Sans font.

The font prank won’t work for other popular fonts like Verdana, Times New Roman or Courier. Only Helvetica and Comic Sans were targeted.

When you own the world like Google does, you’d think they would come up with something a tad more interesting than messing with the Helvetica font search results. But hey, maybe it’s interesting to you. Or not. Besides, who googles Helvetica anyway?

Is that the best you can do Google? I hope not. Check out these April Fools’ Day pranks instead.


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