Long Island Serial Killer On The Loose

April 12, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News
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In a story that could have been pulled from a Criminal Minds episode, the Long Island serial killer has managed to capture the nation’s attention. Ten sets of possible remains have turned up and the crazed killer, who doesn’t yet have a catchy nickname, is still on the loose!

Read on for more on the Long Island serial killer!

No one wants to find out that their small community is the dumping ground for a serial killer, but in Long Island, New York, just east of Manhattan, that’s exactly what’s going on–and to make matters worse, police have no leads.

It all started back in December when a police officer on a training exercise discovered the remains of four female victims in Gilgo Beach, New York, just off Ocean Parkway. Then more victims kept on coming. Just this past Monday after authorities expanded the search westward, two more sets of human remains were found, reports People. Some of the victims were sex workers and one set of remains belonged to a child, police say.

In typical Criminal Minds-esque style, former NYPD homicide lieutenant and author of Practical Homicide Vernon Geberth, explains what is going through the killer’s head now that his victims are being found:

He’s going to continue to kill because they don’t stop. Now he’s got to come up with a new plan, a new location. Psychologically this is stressful for him because that was a place he would go to relive the event, act out scenarios, therefore relieving stress.

Gerbeth went on to say the Long Island serial killer is “high organized” and that “he plans these things out. He had a disposal site. He had a reason to be there in case someone did spot him. This is a high functioning individual.”

Scary stuff. Let’s hope this lunatic gets what he deserves. And soon.


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