Kate Hudson Dishes About Her Boyfriend Matthew Bellamy

April 20, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Kate Hudson and Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy are expecting a child together and while they have no plans to marry, their relationship seems pretty cozy. Kate opened up to InStyle about their relationship, her pregnancy and more. Read on!

Kate Hudson, 31, and Matthew Bellamy, 32, have had a whirlwind romance and while having a baby wasn’t in the plans, they say they were “tempting fate, and it worked.” Wait, what? Is that a euphemism for unprotected sex? Well, duh, of course it worked silly. Hudson told the mag:

We were so in love when it happened, it was just so exciting for both of us.

So exciting until it’s not. Kate went on to tell InStyle that pregnancy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:

I hate it. I’m usually an A cup and I’m getting close to a D cup. Big breasts are fun for certain things and really not fun for other things. Plus, I love fashion, and having big breasts is not ideal for certain looks. They’re way more fun when you’re not in your clothes. Then, they’re a blast!

When asked about marriage, Kate Hudson said she’s not in any rush to tie the knot:

My own parents aren’t married, and anybody who has seen how we love – open our arms, and accept people with all of their faults – knows I come from a great, happy home. A wedding is a beautiful thing and I love the idea of two people celebrating their love and bringing their families together. I wouldn’t count it out but Matthew and I kind of skipped that part and went right to the good stuff.

Best of luck to them both! Read more about Matthew Bellamy over on SheKnows.


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