Pippa Middleton’s dress: better than her sisters?

May 2, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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The world was in stitches waiting for Kate Middleton (aka The Duchess of Cambridge) get out of her stretched car and reveal to the world her wedding gown. People raved about it, saying it was classic and dignified. A perfect dress for a prim and proper princess. But I can’t help thinking that is was little sis Pippa and her white stunner that really stole the show.

Keep reading to see pics of BOTH of Pippa’s Royal Wedding dresses… after the jump!

Both Kate and Pippa’s dresses were white and designed by Sarah Burton, prodigy of Alexander McQueen. The late McQueen was known for wildly over the top Lady Gaga style dresses, so it seems crazy that a future princess would be wearing his gown to get married in. But, as we all saw, the dress was very simple and conservative… if not a little boring.

The overall feeling was that it was just a fine dress. Nothing special. Especially when compared to maid of honor Pippa’s dress.

Not only did it look like a modern wedding gown, it fit her so beautifly and she looked more like the bride the world was expecting Kate to be.

Then, later at the after party, Kate wore this gown, which was much more her young and flirty style, and Pippa’s stepped out in another Sarah Burton design.


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