Paula Abdul Joins Forces With Simon Cowell on ‘X Factor’

May 9, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Reality TV took a major hit when Paula Abdul left American Idol, but for anyone who is still suffering from Paula Abdul withdrawal, you can relax! She’s baaaaaaaaaaack! The queen of reality TV babbling/crying/weirdness is joining fellow former Idol judge Simon Cowell on this season of X Factor. And what a wild ride it will be!

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Everyone knows that American Idol was never the same after Ms. Abdul left the show. Yeah, the contestants are great, but when it comes to judging, Kara, Ellen and even J-Lo can’t match the level of wackiness awesomeness that Paul Abdul brought to the dog and pony show. Luckily for us viewers, we have our Paula back for this season of X Factor, but it almost didn’t happen.

Simon Cowell explained that the delay came from the legal team:

The issue was that these conversations had gone on long enough. It’s not like I sprung this on somebody. I just thought it’s time for everyone to do their job and get the deal done. I couldn’t have sat in front of you lot and said (Paula) wanted to do the deal and we couldn’t. I could just sense that the public would’ve been disappointed without Paula. You see how we are; we get on really well.

Who knows what will unfold with Paula Abdul on board, but guess what, I can’t wait to find out! Besides, I kind of miss Simon every Wednesday and Thursday night when I watch American Idol, so do me proud X Factor!

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