TV Shakeups: FOX Cancels ‘Chicago Code’ And ‘Lie To Me’

May 11, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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There have been some major shakeups in TV land, folks! If Chicago Code and Lie To Me are your favorite shows, brace yourself for some bad news! Those two shows along with four others (find out after the jump!) have been canceled. Was your favorite one of them?

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Chicago-filmed police drama The Chicago Code was on the chopping block and much to the dismay of the show’s fans, it was cut from FOX’s lineup. Why is it that good shows never last? It always seems like right when I’m getting into a show, the network goes ahead and cancels it. FlashForward, Jericho, let me stop myself….

Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal reported that the Chicago Code pilot and first 12 episodes put $25 million into the city of Chicago through the purchase of goods and services for the show:

Losing that is disappointing. What’s tremendous about television series like Chicago Code is how consistently they’re contributing to the local economy.

Chicago Code will finish out the season with the final two episodes airing this month.

The other shows that got the boot were Lie to Me, which lasted three seasons, Human Target, which aired for two, Christian Slater’s comedy Breaking In and Traffic Light, a comedy that was based on a series in Israel. Yeah, I’ve never heard of it either.

In other news, everyone’s favorite hospital drama House was picked up for another season–the show’s eighth! See, there is a happy ending!

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