Wow, look at that. The world DIDNT end.

May 22, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Now that the totally ridiculous hype over the end-of-the-world HOAX created by 89-year old multi-millionaire Harold Camping, the world has gone back to worrying about other stuff.  For days on Google Trends the phrases “May 21″, “End of the world may 21,” “Harold Camping,” “rapture” and “earthquakes” ruled. Today, it’s the Indy 500 topping Google Trends.

By the way, apparently Harold Camping is NOWHERE to be found now that his prediction failed to come true.

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Followers of Christian radio mogul Harold Camping are scratching their heads this morning, after the Family Radio president’s longtime prediction of the apocalypse beginning yesterday doesn’t appear to have come true. Also troubling for those who mortgaged their lives to help his cause of spreading the word: Camping isn’t around to admit he was wrong or make another prediction. (via The Slate)

Also, the Family Radio network headquarters are shuttered, and there is no at the Camping’s house in Alameda, California. Maybe he’s the only one that died… of embarrassment!

The Family Radio broadcaster convinced thousands of listeners that as various time zones hit 6 p.m. on May 21, the planet would be engulfed by giant earthquakes and other disasters, until its final destruction October 21.

Camping is now 0-2 on this end of days predictions. He also got dozens of people to believe that in 1994 the world was coming to and end.  But this time it was THOUSANDS of gullible listeners who fell for his fire and brimstone nonsense.

Followers and Family Radio reportedly spent millions on 2000 billboards and other advertising to get the word out about the apocalypse.

I don’t understand why nothing has happened,” retired transit worker and New York City resident Robert Fitzpatrick told Reuters. The 60-year-old retired transit worker had spent $140,000 of his savings to help spread Camping’s warning of the approaching Judgment Day.

Poor guy. I think Harold Camping has some ‘splaining to do.


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