Fla. mom tries to sell her son

August 22, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment, Lifestyle
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This is seriously disturbing.

News is trending about a mom in Florida who was accused of trying to sell her 5-year-old son for $2,000.

The mom in question, Jessica Marie Beers (age 28) allegedly has a prescription drug addiction and offered to sell her little boy to a couple that befriended her in a Tampa Bay-area church.

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My Fox Tampa reported that the husband Beers targeted, James Gardner, told the cops about her proposed trade. Wanting to catch this sicko mom in the act, Sheriff’s deputies told Gardner to proceed with a phony deal to buy the kid.

When the mom of the year showed up at a pre-arranged meeting point to make the swap, police arrested her, booking her for sale of parental rights.

For years leading up this moment, Gardner and his wife had given money to Beers so she could help care for her son – supplying food and basic necessities. They even allowed Beers to move in with them when they found out she was homeless. Then the couple eventually realized that Beers had a prescription drug habit.

More recently, Beers had been relying on the couple to babysit her son more and more frequently until finally, last week she allegedly offered to sell him. Her son is now in protective custody.



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