Orangutan Cools Himself Off With Towel At Japanese Zoo

August 22, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Humans aren’t the only ones that complain about the ungodly heat in the summer. In the cutest story of the day, an orangutan at a Japanese zoo was captured on video cooling himself off–with a towel!

Get the video of the orangutan after the jump!

When it comes to monkeys, orangutans rank pretty high on the cute scale. At the Tama Zoo in Tokyo, Japan, one orangutan in particular showed smiling visitors that he’s also quite intelligent and knows a thing or two about cooling off. He dipped a blue towel into a pool, rolled it up to squeeze out the excess water, and used it to cool off his upper body and face before repeating the whole thing much to the delight of those looking on.

And that’s not all! Maybe even more impressive was when the big cutie wiped up a nearby rock that had splashes of water on it!

“According to Discovery, the behavior will most likely be passed down and Duke University scientists proved earlier that orangutans have culture, that allows them to learn new things and share that knowledge with others,” reports the Long Island Press.

His human-like behavior was captured on video and has made its way around the web today. Check out the orangutan in action and get ready to smile:


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