Hello Diva, Madonna Rejects A Fan’s Hydrangeas (VIDEO)

September 7, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment
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When someone gives you a gift, you say thank you regardless of whether or not you actually like the gift. We all learned that one as a young kid when grandma would give us an ugly sweater at Christmas. But I guess that lesson was lost on Madonna because a fan in Venice gave her a bouquet of hydrangeas and instead of cherishing the fan’s gesture, she muttered a rude comment. So fans, take note. If you give Madonna flowers, steer clear of hydrangeas–she hates them!

What ever happened to being gracious?

Read on!

This little incident went down at at a press conference at the Venice Film Festival. A fan gave Madonna a big purple bouquet of hydrangeas and said, “You’re my princess.” Awww! The problem was that this was all on video and after a slight eye roll and stuffing the flowers under the table, the mic picked up Madonna’s next comment. She turned to someone next to her and said:

I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that.

Uh, and why would he? Is there a guide about what flowers to give to Madonna out there? Must have missed that one. He took the time to give you a gift and that’s what matters. Ugh, sometimes celebs suck. Remember when you were a nobody, Madonna, and be thankful next time!

Here’s the video:


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  1. Madonna has turned into an arrogant, bullying, dried-up looking, rude and ungrateful HAS BEEN!!! I stopped listening to her music years ago. It’s just as well…she hasn’t had a hit song in like, AGES!!! The Bottom Line: Madonna needs to GET OVER HERSELF!!! PERIOD!!!

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