NFL Star Terrell Owens In Tears Over Money Issues

September 8, 2011 |  by  |  Sports
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If you’re a friend of Terrell Owens’ and you’re having money problems, you probably want to get money advice from someone else. The currently injured (since Dec. 2010) free agent wide receiver explained on his VH1 show, The T.O. Show, last night that he’s tapped out of funds.

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There’s something to be said about managing your money well and apparently Terrell Owens never learned how to do that. Or is just trying to make good television. He shares his money woes:

Football season is on a standstill, so I have no income at this point. None. On top of that, you’re talking about the mortgage of all the real estate that I do have. And on top of that, child support.

Wait, why the breakdown? Aren’t you getting paid for the VH1 show, T.O.? People don’t usually broadcast their lives on TV for free. And what about that deal with the Cincinnati Bengals last year that reportedly earned you $4 million? Not sure I buy his story. And if things get really bad, how about you sell your fancy cars and other luxuries? Maybe start with the giant diamonds in your ears.

Here’s the clip from last night’s The T.O Show where he’s talking to his accountant:

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Most people don’t even make a fraction of what Terrell Owens has made in his career, so perhaps he should have thought about times like these when the money was flowing in and planned better. Not shedding any tears for you, T.O.


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