Ipod Nano Watch Is Coolest Ipod Yet

October 5, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle
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When it comes to the most innovative gadgets around, Apple wins–hands down. Their latest innovation is the new iPod nano watch. With the addition of a snappy looking watch band, the new bite-size iPod nano will sit pretty on your wrist while attracting jealous stares from those who catch a glimpse of it.

Oh, and it actually tells time in addition to doing a bunch of other cool stuff.

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The iPod nano watch is the talk of the web and for good reason. It’s super tiny making it ideal for fitness buffs, has an intuitive interface, comes with FM radio (that you can pause!) and doubles as a watch…need I go on?

Available in a rainbow of colors, the new iPod nano’s coolest feature is that it’s also a watch. Choose your favorite clock face from one of the 18 designs including traditional and digital options and then slap it on a watch band. The snazzy watch bands aren’t one size fits all and come a variety of styles and colors. Prices vary depending on the style you choose but start at $24.95.

Interested in the new iPod nano? It’ll run you a very reasonable $129 and will probably become your best friend within a day. And who doesn’t need more friends?

Check out all the specs over at the Apple Store!

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