Blackberry Outage Almost Over? Service Slowly Being Restored

October 13, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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If you have a Blackberry, you know all too well about the current Blackberry outage that has affected service in the U.S., Canada, Europe and beyond. It’s times like these when you really wished you had picked up an iPhone or Android smartphone when you were in the market for a new phone, right? But don’t pout for too long. RIM’s CIO, Robin Bienfait, says service is on the mend.

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We all depend on our phones and don’t realize how important they are until they stop working. That’s what’s happening to millions of people all over the planet who have been affected by the Blackberry outage. I never liked those things anyway…

Here’s a Blackberry outage update from Robin Bienfait, RIM’s CIO (Via Rim 10/13/11):

“I want to first apologize for the service interruptions and delays many of you have been experiencing this week… You’ve depended on us for reliable, real-time communications, and right now we’re letting you down. We are taking this very seriously and have people around the world working around the clock to address this situation.”

The situation started when the RIM BlackBerry email service, which handles email for millions of customers, failed in Europe earlier this week created a major backlog of emails, says Mashable. To fix that, RIM had to cut service in Europe to fix the issue which led to a Blackberry outage around the world. Service is slowly being restored, but the damage is done. Let’s see if RIM and Blackberry are able to pull themselves out of this one.

RIM founder and CEO Mike Lazaridis personally apologized:

Are you being affected by the Blackberry outage? Tell us all about it below!

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