In utero BPA exposure cause depression, anxiety in girls

October 24, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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Yikes! Moms, listen up. A study released today Pediatrics shows that baby girls exposed before birth (as in: in mom’s belly!) to high levels of a really nasty estrogen-like chemical called BPA are more likely to be anxious, depressed and hyperactive.

Keep reading to find out how to avoid the harmful effects of BPA… and find out what the heck it is!

To be blunt: BPA’s (bisphenol A) are in EVERYTHING and practically EVERYONE is exposed to it. This toxic compound is found in plastic bottles to dental sealants, medical equipment, receipt paper and the linings of metal food and drink cans.

BPA is a synthetic estrogen. When it comes in contact with your body and gets inside you, it ends up disrupting the normal balance of estrogen already in you…causing a world of hurt to our bodies. (via Boulevard Natural Healing Arts)

BPA exposure puts you at risk for include decreased brain function, weight gain, depression, diabetes and cancer.

The study found BPA in the urine of more than 97% of the 240 pregnant women, as well as 97% of their children. Wow.

Doctor’s conclude that BPA’s do most of the damage to babies in utero – when the fetal brain is developing. The weird part – these harmful toxins only affect girls, not boys. Still, moms-to-be should totally avoid any exposure to BPA’s while pregnant… and for all time! If that means never touching a plastic bottle or receipt again – do it! Protect yourself!


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  1. I owned a Nanny Placement Agency for 20 years before I retired. As the years passed, I started noticing the heads of the babies I was to place a caregiver with. The babies heads were enormus including the heads of my two grandchildren now ten and eight years old. The heads of these babies were so huge and heavy that they had a hard time holding them up. It kind of scared me and I wondered if it was some medication the doctors were giving these mother-to-be or that something was hidden in the plastic of milk bottles that were being heated up in the microwave ovens. Back when I had my babies in the 50′s or 60′s the babies seemed normal than the babies of today with all the medical and psychological problems.

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