Did Justin Bieber father a baby, baby, baby?

November 2, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Well, here’s some news that’s sure to ruin Selena Gomez‘s day.

A 20-year California woman is claiming that Justin Bieber fathered her now 3-month-old baby.

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A lawsuit filed by a 20-year-old Californian woman is claiming that her baby was secretly fathered by singer Justin Bieber. The baby in question is named Tristyn Anthony Markhouse Yeater,  who was born on July 6.

The mother, 20-year-old Mariah Yeater, filed a paternity lawsuit against the underage, 17-year-old pop star on October 31, spilling the beans about their alleged tryst. (Maybe that’s where she got the name for her kid?)

In the court papers, she claims that Bieber propositioned her on October 25 of last year, when she was 19. (Um, that’s still illegal, lady), and that the pair had a sex after his concert.

When I later realized I was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby, I tried to contact him through his representatives but no one ever called me back.

Bieber’s camp denies the allegations, of course.

While we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit, it’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.




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