It’s Coming! Get Ready For Cyber Monday 2011

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Some people love the holidays for the togetherness, the decorations, the food, etc., but I love the shopping. No, not the crowded stores and fighting over parking spaces, but the online shopping. I live for Cyber Monday because there’s nothing like saving hundreds of bucks from the comfort of your own bed in your PJs sipping a hot cup of cocoa.

Get more on Cyber Monday 2011!

Black Friday is a mere 10 days away and right after, we follow up the biggest shopping day of the year with an online shopping addict’s dream. Cyber Monday 2011 is Monday, Nov. 28 and if you’re looking to make a big purchase or knock out most of your holiday shopping, the day to do that is almost here.

While you’re probably not new to online shopping, you should still keep a few tips in mind. First, make a list ahead of time so you don’t give in to impulse buys. Then, don’t stray from your list. Next, make sure to check the return policy of each retailer you’re buying from. Can you return what you’ve bought? Via mail or in stores as well? Also, be sure to use a credit card — preferably one with rewards. If there is a problem with your purchase, you can dispute the charge. Be sure to scour online promo code sites like for additional Cyber Monday 2011 savings. Every dollar counts! Finally, don’t forget to comparison shop. Just because you see something you like on Cyber Monday doesn’t mean it’s the best price. Do your research!

Not sure what deals are worth your while? Start by browsing these sites to get a Cyber Monday preview:


My Cyber Monday Deals

A true online shopping addict may have trouble restraining themselves until the big day, but do your best, ok? The Cyber Monday 2011 deals will be worth the wait.

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