How Did Kelly Preston Lose 39 Pounds?

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The bodies of Hollywood women transform too often to count, but it’s not often that a celebrity will not only drop all her baby weight within a year after her pregnancy, but dip even below her pre-pregnancy weight. Kelly Preston announces that at 49 years old, she’s lost 39 pounds since giving birth to her son, Benjamin Travolta, a year ago. So how did she do it?

Preston reveals that she transformed her figure through the organic weight loss program by Kirstie Alley, Rescue Me. As a new spokesperson for the program, she’s speaking out about her newfound vitality in People:

I lost 39 lbs., have more energy than I had 20 years ago — and I feel amazing,” Preston says. “I’m going to be turning 50 next year — holy s——! Hey, 50 is the new 30.

Rescue Me is a daily nutritional plan from actress and John Travolta’s longtime friend Kirstie Alley’s weight loss company, Organic Liaison, “with the goal of “liaising” you from conventional eating habits to a healthier organic diet while you lose weight” by boosting natural energy and targeting cravings, according to the program’s website. The health plan complete with suggested organic meals, scheduled exercise and the “Rescue Me” drink mix, along with online web tools to track your progress and stay motivated.

At first glance, it sounds like any other celebrity-endorsed diet plan. However, if Kirstie Alley, the actress notorious for struggling with her weight, was able to lose 100 pounds this past summer after competing on Dancing With The Stars—and at 60 years old—then it’s probably worth a second look!

I feel back to normal,” says Alley. “I have my game again.

Apparently, both age and weight are nothing but numbers!

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