Pink Saves A Life For The Holidays!

December 23, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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What are you doing for the holidays? Gathering with family and friends, drinking egg nog, singing carols and exchanging those presents that you bought last minute would be considered a holiday success, don’t you think?

Not for P!nk, since the singer, and well known animal lover, instead opted for a random act of kindness in order to save a life — a dog’s life, that is! But who is giving her grief about it on Twitter? Read on for the details after the jump.

According to TMZ, P!nk pulled out her wallet to save the life of a dog who had been tossed into the Los Angeles River and left for dead. While recently surfing the Internet, she read a news story about the dog, who was thrown off of an overpass in Los Angeles into the river, resulting in the fatal injury of three broken legs. The dog needed an emergency life-saving surgery…and fast.

Immediately, P!nk contacted Ace of Hearts, an animal rescue organization, and offered to pay for all medical expenses necessary to save the dog’s life, including the surgery that cost five thousand dollars.

Thankfully, the surgery was performed successfully and the dog is not only in recovery, but has also been adopted!

And as news of her good deed has circulated, Harvey Levin of TMZ has gotten into a small Twitter war with the singer when he brought up a debate: “Spend five thousand dollars on one dog that’s really sick or use money to rescue ten dogs with food, etc.” In response, P!nk tweeted to Levin:

I do both actually. At least I don’t spend my money employing criminals to go and harass people. Maybe you should save something?

Wise words that are universally applicable, P!nk!

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