Kate Winslet Discusses Body Image In New Ad Campaign

January 11, 2012 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment, Lifestyle
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Though Kate Winslet is the spokesperson featured in the spring campaign for St. John, she isn’t simply playing the role of a silent model in an advertisement. Instead, she’s doing the exact opposite and speaking up about the female body image, both in the advertisement and in life altogether.

In a new commercial for the brand, Kate Winslet shows off her classic curves while wearing clothes from St. John. She says:

You don’t have to be a size 2, or even a size 4, to be able to wear these garments. They fall so well and are cut for women with a shape. And of course I love that…that’s me all over.

She highlights a pair of pleated trousers as an unlikely favorite.

The actress says that the reception of her continued ambassadorship for the brand has been “heartwarming” and comments that the presence of a celebrity with her figure in advertising is very important.

“A lot of women say they believe they could wear a particular dress or a pair of pants or a sweater because they have seen that I am able to wear those pieces,” she says warmly.

In Winslet’s opinion, what are women looking for in a quality clothing brand?

“It is really important to be able to dress in clothes quickly that look effortless and feel comfortable.”

See the commercial for yourself! Watch Kate Winslet “Scenes Of A Woman” from St. John’s Spring 2012 campaign now and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Photo credit: SheKnows.com via WENN.com


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