Octavia Spencer Talks About Weight

January 31, 2012 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment, Lifestyle
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Octavia Spencer has snagged both the Golden Globe and the Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in The Help. However, she admitted backstage at Sunday’s award ceremony that she does have concerns about her weight. Read on for what the winner has to say about her body image, and that of Hollywood in general.

“I am not healthy at this weight,” said Spencer, according to People. ”Any time you have too much around the middle, then there is a problem. [And] when you reach a certain weight, you are less valuable.”

However, that wasn’t all that Octavia Spencer had to say about weight and body image. She also expressed that Hollywood should be more accepting of actresses of different sizes, including those who are extra thin. She blames “society” for the stigmas that are constantly attached to one’s superficial looks.

I feel for the overly thin women as much as I do for the overweight women. It … has to change.

Still, to the thin actresses, she joked that she had a word of wise advice.

“If more women ate, they would be a lot happier,” she says. “Let me tell you, I am a lot grumpier when I don’t eat.”

Viola Davis also won Outstanding Performance By A Female Actor In A Leading Role, and the cast of The Help was awarded the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance By A Cast In A Motion Picture.

What do you think about Octavia Spencer’s comments about body image? Do you agree? Share your comments below!

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