Reese Witherspoon Family Drama!

May 10, 2012 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Reese Witherspoon is going through some serious family drama. News broke today that the Oscar winners mother has launched a legal action against the actress’s father in Tennessee.

Reese’s mom, Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon wants to annul John Witherspoon‘s new marriage on the grounds he’s still her husband. What!?

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Reese’s dad, John, 70, married a new gal named Tricianne Taylor in January. However, the actress’s mother filed a petition for annulment, saying: “No person in Tennessee can marry another while being married at the same time of the second marriage.”

But that’s not where the drama ends. Mamma Witherspoon is flinging some pretty serious allegations at her ‘hubby.’

I love my husband and I don’t want a divorce. We have been married 42 years. He needs help. He has a problem with alcohol. He also has a problem with hoarding.

Apparently, John tried to bring Taylor to Reese’s wedding to agent Jim Tothlast March, but she was refused entry because she wasn’t on the list.

So, this news of a new step-mom must have been pretty hush hush if Reese didn’t even know about her. So odd. Let’s hope it gets sorted out soon!

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