10 Ideas for Cheap Memorial Day Outings

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Memorial Day means Summer has started! It’s also a time for families to spend a nice, long weekend doing family things. But with gas prices through the roof, are there any close to home outings that even the most annoyed teenager with enjoy?

Find out ten fun Memorial Day ideas… after the jump!

Here are ten ways to have fun and save money this Memorial Day weekend.

1. Visit a national park

The National Park Service oversees 58 national parks – if you live near one, go for it! Visit www.nps.gov to find a site near you.

2. Pack a picnic lunch

Kick off summer in a local park or even your backyard. Fire up the grill and get your BBQ on.

3. Organize a scavenger hunt

Whether in your backyard or all around the neighborhood, a scavenger hunt is a fun way to get outside while using your noggin’.

4. Go to a baseball game

Be it a pro game or pee wee – nothing is more all-American than a baseball game.

5. Write a letter to the troops

Reflect on what this day really means by showing your support for our troops.

6. Visit a farm

There are small, independent family farms open to visitors around the country. Find one near you and pick, pet or milk!

7. Go to a movie

Beat the heat and the the crowds and go see a matinee! Hangover 2, anyone?

8. Go bowling or mini golfing

Cheap, easy and fun for all ages and activity levels!

9. Host a yard sale

Clean out your garage and attic and make some moola this weekend. People love your used crap – make a profit!

10. See the city sights for cheap

Turn your hometown into a tourist destination. Go someplace that all the tourists go and get to know your city!


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