2012 Olympic Dreams Dashed For Nastia Liukin

July 2, 2012 |  by  |  Sports
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Nastia Liukin will not be going to the London Olympic Games in 2012, after she fell face first on to her mat in Oakland Sunday.

After the hard fall, Liukin didn’t get up right away. It looked painful. You don’t have to wonder if it was. But Nastia is a trooper, and she got up, knowing that her 2012 Olympic dreams were dashed, and finished her routine.

She got a boost up from her father, jumped back up and completed her routine for the U.S. Olympic trials. Even though she didn’t get through, she still got two standing ovations.

Liukin said after, that “seeing all of the thousands of people on their feet, you couldn’t have planned out a better way to end a career.”

She also said, “Getting up after a fall is never easy. It’s always very tough. It shows your true character if you are able to get up and that’s something I’ve been taught since I was 8 years old.”


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