Lindsay Lohan Arrested… Again

September 19, 2012 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Lindsay Lohan really needs a driver. Or glasses. Or both. On Wednesday morning in New York City, the actress allegedly struck a pedestrian with her Porche!

And then she bolted into a nightclub like nothing happened!

Kepp reading for more on the continuing saga of Lindsay Lohan… after the jump!

Though her publicist says the incident was “much ado about nothing” and the charge against her “will be cleared up in the coming weeks,” the NYPD still arrested the Mean Girls star after she hit a guy while trying to park her car outside of NYC’s Dream Hotel. The alleged victim was taken to a nearby hospital for a knee injury.

The hit-and-run occurred at around 1 a.m., then Lohan disappeared into a club next to the Dream Hotel. At 2:30 a.m., NYPD officers arrived and booked the troubled star on grounds of leaving the scene of an accident.

Though the charge is only a misdemeanor, one has to wonder if this will make things worse for Lohan because she’s still on probation from Necklace-gate 2011. According to the grounds of her probation, if she breaks any lase at all, she could go to jail for up to 245 days.

Come on, Lindsay! Get it together!

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