Omaha plant explosion leaves at least two dead

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Omaha plant explosion

An Omaha plant explosion at International Nutrition leaves 38 workers trapped, at least 2 dead, and several critically injured.

An Omaha plant explosion left several workers trapped and at least two confirmed dead. The building, owned and operated by International Nutrition, is an animal feed processing center. There were 38 workers inside the animal feed plant when it collapsed and then burst into flames.  Read More

Philadelphia school shooting leaves at least two injured

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Delaware Valley Charter School

A student shot two classmates at a Philadelphia high school Friday afternoon. Both victims are in stable condition.

Two students suffered gunshot wounds to their arms Friday afternoon at Delaware Valley Charter School after a fellow student opened fire. The victims are currently undergoing treatment at Albert Einstein Medical Center; their names have not yet been released. Read More

Horrific, controversial Ohio execution sparks outrage

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Ohio death row inmate Dennis McGuire

Ohio death row inmate Dennis McGuire died from “air hunger” after suffocating for over 10 minutes Thursday as he was executed.

Ohio death row inmate Dennis McGuire likely suffered an agonizing death that could be considered a violation of his Constitutional rights. On Thursday morning, McGuire was put to death via lethal injection for the 1989 rape and murder of 22-year-old Joy Stewart using a new, untested combination of drugs. Read More

The Colby Fire: Glendora homes destroyed, state of emergency declared

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The Colby Fire

Smoke covers Los Angeles from the Colby Fire early Thursday afternoon.

Three men are in custody today after starting an out-of-control fire in the Angeles National Forest near Glendora, California. Dubbed the Colby Fire, over 700 firefighters are battling the massive blaze that has burned more than 1,700 acres and destroyed numerous homes. Read More

West Virginia: Water ban lifted 5 days after horrific chemical spill

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West Virginia chemical spil

Workers deal with the recent West Virginia water crisis in which 300,000 were ordered to stay away from tap water.

West Virginia Gov. Earl Tomblin announced this afternoon that the widespread ban on tap water is now lifted.

Nearly 300,000 people were affected by a massive chemical spill last week and ordered to use tap water only to flush their toilets. Numerous water distribution centers were set up across the state to provide water to residents across nine counties.  Read More

Uh oh: Chris Christie in hot water in Bridgegate scandal

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#Bridgegate political cartoon

A political cartoon shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as a bully in the #Bridgegate scandal.

In what sounds like an episode straight out of House of Cards, Gov. Chris Christie is in major damage-control mode as the Bridgegate scandal heats up.

Largely seen as an act of pure political retribution, the New Jersey governor’s administration shut down the George Washington Bridge in September 2013, causing massive gridlocks for days. (The George Washington Bridge connects New York City and New Jersey across the Hudson River and is the world’s busiest bridge.) Read More

Federal judge strikes down NSA spying program, PRISM

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Federal District Court Judge Richard Leon just ruled that the controversial civilian surveillance programs overseen by the National Security Agency (NSA) are blatantly unconstitutional. Judge Leon is a U.S. District Court judge for Washington, D.C., and has an extensive background in the intersection of law and politics. Read More

Nelson Mandela’s memorial had a fake sign language interpreter

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Nelson Mandela's memorial fake interpreter

A sign language interpreter, now called out as a fake, stands next to President Obama at Nelson Mandela’s memorial in South Africa Tuesday.

Many in the deaf community are livid, saying the sign language interpreter who translated President Obama’s and other world leaders’ tributes to Nelson Mandela was a fake. Those watching the interpreter — who stood onstage next to the world leaders as they spoke — noticed his hand gestures were grossly inaccurate.

Despite there being eleven official languages in South Africa, those in the deaf community say the interpreter wasn’t referencing any of them. The Associated Press (AP) spoke with Nicole DuToit, an official sign language interpreter, who called the interpreter for Mandela’s memorial an “embarrassment.” Read More

Iconic leader Nelson Mandela dead at 95

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Nelson Mandela dead

Nelson Mandela in 2005 in Norway at a press event for his charity, the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Mandela died today in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nelson Mandela died today; he was 95 years old. Mandela is survived by his third wife, Graça Machel, and his seven children. Mandela was an iconic figure, an inspirational leader who spent nearly three decades in prison for his fight against institutionalized racial segregation in South Africa — known as apartheid. In 1994 he was elected as South Africa’s first black president.  Read More

McDonald’s employees strike: Demand $15 per hour

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A protester stands outside a McDonald’s.

A protester stands outside a McDonald’s in Chattanooga, Tennessee, demanding hiring wages.

Thousands of McDonald’s workers could go on strike starting today to protest their minimum-wage pay rate. Labor organizations are working in more than 100 cities to encourage fast-food employees to demand a raise to $15 per hour — a substantial increase from the minimum wage most employees currently earn, which hovers just over $7.

The Associated Press (AP) reports a New York City McDonald’s drew over 100 protestors who “blew whistles and beat drums [as they marched] into a McDonald’s” early this morning.

One protester reportedly grabbed a customer’s food and yelled, “We can’t survive on $7.25!”  Read More