Bob Dylan’s first electric guitar sells for $965,000

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Bob Dylan in concert in Nov. 2013

Bob Dylan onstage during a concern in November 2013. His 1964 Fender Stratocaster just sold for $965,000 Friday at Christie’s Auction House in New York.

Bob Dylan’s first known electric guitar just sold for nearly $1 million Friday at an auction held by Christie’s in New York. The 1964 Fender Stratocaster was played in 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival and is iconic for music buffs since it represents the first time Dylan went electric — a momentous departure from his acoustic roots. Read More

Paul Walker survived car crash, died minutes after impact

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Paul Walker car crash site

Fans lay candles and other items at the car crash site that killed Paul Walker on Nov. 30, 2013.

Actor Paul Walker initially survived the horrific car crash in the moments after his friend, Roger Rodas, lost control of the Porsche Carrera GT in the accident that killed them both.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s report states Walker died within minutes of the impact from traumatic injuries and burns. Rodas is believed to have briefly survived but CNN states Rodas did not sustain any burn-related injuries. Read More

‘The Situation’ now in a real situation for shady finances

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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is under federal investigation over some curious financial dealings that may not be totally, 100 percent legit.

Mike Sorrentino, also known as “The Situation” from MTV’s Jersey Shore is currently under investigation by the federal government for some curious financial dealings. Sorrentino’s bevy of companies (MPS Entertainment, Situation Productions and GTL Management) are all under federal scrutiny.

The U.S. District Attorney’s office issued several subpoenas this afternoon for Sorrentino’s financial records, though neither Sorrentino nor the government will comment on the details behind the ongoing investigation. Read More

Mumbai: Building collapse kills 13, dozens missing

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Mumbai, India: A building in the most populous city in India collapsed Friday killing at least 13 individuals. Many are likely still trapped under the debris.

The 30-year-old residential building was reduced to jagged steel and chunks of concrete just after 6 a.m. Mumbai time. The New York Times reports the building has about 24 apartment units with anywhere from four to eight people living inside each. The New York Times spoke with a sound engineer who lives in a complex next to the now-collapsed building. Read More

DJ Mister Cee: Hot 97 host exits radio after sex scandal

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DJ Mister Cee is a radio legend in New York. He’s known as one of the station’s most beloved and respected hosts. Sadly, Mister Cee – a Hot 97 host for the past 20 years – abruptly resigned Wednesday after a prostitution scandal involving a transgender woman went public.

Spin magazine reports Mister Cee is responsible for helping unknowns at the time, like Notorious B.I.G., get vital radio play. But despite Cee’s iconic past, the Hot 97 DJ has now been caught three times with prostitutes.   Read More

Judge Judy’s son: Adam Levy sues for $5 million over rape case

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Judge Judy speaks out

Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy, files $5 million lawsuit.

Judge Judy’s son, Adam Levy, just filed a $5 million lawsuit against Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith. Levy is Putnam County’s District Attorney and says Smith’s remarks about Levy’s questionable behavior in a child rape case were malicious and damaging to his re-election campaign. Read More

Oprah experienced retail racism

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Oprah Winfrey's upcoming role in Lee Daniels' The Butler, a film chronicling the life and career of an African-American White House butler, is finally nearing release.  The film, which comes to theaters a week from today, could veritably be dubbed one of many titles: historical memoir, love story, fictional drama or civil rights documentary. The Butler focuses on these diverse themes, with racism and the evolution of civil rights at the core. While Lee Daniels' new film is based on actual historical events and the life of an actual White House butler, it is in no way related to Oprah Winfrey's actual life or past. In an oddly timed turn of events, however, Oprah publicly stated today that she, as well, recently experienced racism in her own life. Hard to believe, but true. While in Lake Zurich, Switzerland, visiting the country to attend friend Tina Turner's wedding, Ms. Winfrey told Entertainment Tonight

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Time Warner Cable abandons CBS… for a few hours

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Time Warner Cable's ongoing dispute with major broadcaster CBS Corp. took an odd turn of events Tuesday morning. After a prolonged period of uncertainty on whether the cable provider would keep or lose CBS and many of its affiliates, TWC finally announced it was cutting off the broadcaster in three major cities. Then they changed their minds. The two media companies had negotiated throughout the day Monday to try to avoid any sort of programming blackout. After postponing the deadline many times, Time Warner Cable made the (temporary) decision to replace regular programming on CBS with a company statement for what netted out to be a very brief amount of time. TWC announced at around 9 p.m. Monday evening that "about 3 million customers in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas would lose the network and four CBS cable stations because of "outrageous demands for fees by CBS."  TWC stated publicly that

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Geraldo Rivera Twitter meltdown: Posts nearly naked pic

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Geraldo Rivera Twitter followers may have found themselves in the midst of quite a surprise Sunday as the conservative Fox News anchor tweeted a practically naked photo of himself.

Rivera took the barely clothed photo in a bathroom with a towel wrapped very low on his waist. So low, in fact, that the border between hips and nether regions is clearly visible Read More

Autopsy to take place after Glee actor’s untimely death

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An autopsy is scheduled to take place for actor Cory Monteith today after his untimely death Saturday. The late Glee actor, who played Finn Hudson on the popular hit TV show, had been on a trip to Vancouver. His body was found by staff members at the hotel where he was staying, The Fairmont Pacific Rim, after he failed to check out on time. Monteith seemingly had a slew of people over to his hotel room on Friday night, yet hotel video surveillance showed he returned to his room in the early morning by himself. The state he was in when he returned, however, is not yet confirmed. Though the definitive state and cause of death are still yet-to-be-determined, police have ruled out any possibility of foul play. Prior to his passing, Cory had been open about the fact that he struggled with addiction issues and had checked himself into a rehab

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