Super Bowl 48 tickets top out at $14,000

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Super Bowl Ticket

A golden Super Bowl 48 ticket — despite its face value of $800, many Super Bowl tickets sell for thousands more on secondary markets like StubHub.

It’s no surprise that Super Bowl tickets are outrageously expensive and this year will be no exception. And while you can get in the door for a measly $3,000 (average Super Bowl ticket prices are hovering around $4,600) Forbes reports MetLife Stadium suites are selling for a jaw-dropping half a million dollars.

So how does the average fan get to see their favorite team play? Simple answer: they don’t.
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Valet steals over $220k from NFL player Todd Herremans

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NFL Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans was robbed by a snoopy valet at a team hotel. Yahoo! Sports says Herremans left his car with a parking attendant at a team hotel. The valet dug through Herremans’ belongings and uncovered his checking account information.  Read More

Jackie Robinson statue defaced in NYC

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A famous statue of the late Jackie Robinson was found defaced with hateful derogatory words on Wednesday in New York. The larger-than-life statue depicting Pee Wee Reese holding his arm around Jackie Robinson, both in their MLB Brooklyn Dodger uniforms, is located in New York's Coney Island, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team. Park staff discovered anti-Semitic writing on the statue while preparing the field for a morning game and promptly called New York police around 8:30 a.m.  They were informed that the offensive display consisted of  "vulgar writing that was both racist and anti-Semitic." The director of the park's communications said in a statement that the words were written in prominent black marker and included the N-word as well as a swastika, stating "F---Jackie Robinson."  The park thankfully did not have trouble removing the permanent marker-written words from the metal part of the statue, however they did encounter a tougher

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NBA Player Jason Collins comes out as gay

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On Monday, Washington Wizards NBA center Jason Collins publicly came out to the world as gay. His admission makes him the first openly gay athlete on a major U.S. professional team sport. Collins had already been out to his friends and family, and although he had never stated outright in public that he was straight, he felt he wasn't being totally honest. With a simply stated sentence on Sports Illustrated's website yesterday, he changed that. He commenced his first-person article with a straight-to-the-point utterance:  "I'm a 34-year-old NBA center. I'm black. And I'm gay." Just like that, he became a trailblazer, altering the long-held straight-only stereotype of professional athletes. Throughout the bulk of the article, Collins described his reasons for coming out now, his journey of self discovery, family reactions and how it felt to be the first athlete to come out. "I didn't set out to be the first openly gay athlete

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Openly gay football player sets sights on the NFL

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Alan Gendreau is an amazingly talented athlete. He is a record-breaking kicker at Middle Tennessee State University, the leading scorer in the Sun Belt Conference history... and now has his eyes on quite a large prize: the NFL. He also is a devout Christian and an openly gay man. By the end of his MTSU football career, Gendreau had earned quite the roster of merits. He snagged the title of leading scorer in Sun Belt Conference history with 295 points.  He also had scored the second-longest field goal ever in the conference, with a 55-yard field goal — another enviable notch on his Sun belt. During his earlier years in college, Gendreau also had impressive merits. He was 28-of-34 for an 82-percent conversion rate in addition to being a national semifinalist for the Lou Groza Award that honors the top college place-kicker in the country. After three years playing, Gendreau made the

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Magic Johnson’s youngest son: EJ comes out as gay

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A 2006 photo of EJ Johnson

A 2006 photo of EJ Johnson (far left) along with siblings Andre and Kelly at the Los Angeles, California, premiere of Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.

Magic Johnson’s 20-year-old son, Earvin Johnson III — nicknamed EJ — stepped out with his rumored boyfriend early Tuesday morning in Los Angeles, California, and made headlines as the media reports EJ Johnson has publicly come out as gay. Read More

March Madness 2013 starts Tuesday March 19

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President Barack Obama at the University of Kentucky during  March Madness.

President Barack Obama talks to students at the University of Kentucky during a March Madness game in 2012.

Get your brackets ready — March Madness begins Tuesday, March 19. The NCAA tournament teams were announced Monday for a total of 68 competitors. And Kentucky fans are in for a rude surprise.
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Manti Te’o fights gay rumors from NFL teams prior to draft

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Should NFL teams be allowed to ask if players are gay?

Should NFL teams be allowed to ask if players are gay?

The tragic and bizarre hoax of the dead-then-alive girlfriend that never was lives on and just created another major headache for NFL prospect Manti Te’o. The Notre Dame football star now finds himself fielding questions about his sexuality and some say intrusive behavior by NFL organizations just weeks before the NFL draft.  Read More

Danica Patrick is getting a divorce

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NASCAR hottie Danica Patrick announced via her Facebook page Tuesday that she and Paul Hospenthal, her husband of seven years, are splitting up. She released a statement about the shocking news, which you can read… after the jump!
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Final Medal Count: Which Country Won the Most Gold?

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USA, of course!

For the fifth straight Olympics, Team USA has brought home the most medals than any other country in the world. The US ruled in swimming, track and field, basketball, women’s soccer, and whole lot more.

Keep reading to see the final medal count… after the jump!

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