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Brett’s Sister Brandi Favre Caught Misbehavin’

January 13, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports  |  2 Comments
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As if Brett Favre didn’t have enough problems of his own, the famed quarterback now has to worry about his sister’s bad behavior. Brandi Favre was arrested in Mississippi Wednesday after authorities busted a meth lab.

Nothin’ says classy like meth! Read on…
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Brett Favre’s Cellphone Seduction Of Jenn Sterger

October 8, 2010 |  by  |  Sports  |  No Comments
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Did Brett Favre attempt to seduce a pretty lady named Jenn Sterger through Myspace and text messages while he was with the New York Jets?

The evidence collected so far by is pretty damning and both the Jets and Favre deny any knowledge of the alleged contact.

The contact includes an ALLEGED picture of Brett Favre’s… um… alternate throwing arm, so to speak. No, not posting it here, but we’re sure you can find it… Read More