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Dizzy Gillespie Is Remembered In Today’s Google Doodle

October 21, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle  |  2 Comments
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Today is famous jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie’s birthday, and in honor of the legend, Google is paying tribute to him in the form of a Google Doodle. The turquoise, blue, green and gold Google Doodle has a mosaic feel and depicts Dizzy Gillespie playing the trumpet.

He was born John Birks Gillespie in South Carolina and would have been 93 today. The jazz great passed away in Englewood, New Jersey on January 6, 1993 and accomplished so much in his life. As a composer, world-class trumpet player, bandleader and singer, Dizzy Gillespie was an inspiration to many.
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