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Google buys Nest Labs for $3.2 billion — but what is Nest Labs?

January 13, 2014 |  by  |  Tech, U.S. Headlines  |  1 Comment
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A thermostat made by Google-owned Nest Labs

A thermostat made by Google-owned Nest Labs. Google just acquired the Silicon Valley startup for over $3 billion in cash.

Today, Google announced their acquisition of Nest Labs, a company that makes sleek technology-centered household items, for $3.2 billion in cash. The startling amount is the latest aggressive move by Google to expand its rapidly growing technology presence beyond internet search. Read More

Happy 70th Birthday Bob Ross!

October 29, 2012 |  by  |  Lifestyle  |  4 Comments
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Who doesn’t love happy little trees? There’s one man who loved them more than anything, and that man is Boss Ross, the beloved painter from PBS who graced out TV screens for decades. He passed away on July 4th, 1995, at the aged of 52, but today would have been his 70th birthday.

Keep reading for on Bob Ross and his everlasting awesomeness… after the jump!

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Google Doodle Salutes Art Clokey And Gumby

October 12, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle, Tech  |  1 Comment
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Gumby is everyone’s favorite clay little man and his creator, Art Clokey, turns 90 today. Art Clokey is known for being the pioneer of clay animation and if you don’t know much about this filmmaker or Gumby, his most famous creation, read on!
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Interactive Google Doodle Honors Jim Henson

September 24, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment  |  No Comments
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Google doodles make Googling more fun and today’s interactive Google doodle is honoring Muppets creator Jim Henson on his 75th birthday.

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How To Play Guitar With Les Paul Google Doodle

June 9, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment  |  No Comments
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We know Google doodles are cool to look at and make online searches a bit more fun. While some are animated, there’s never been one like today’s Les Paul tribute. Right now on Google’s home page, you’ll see one of the most innovative Google doodles ever–a guitar with strings that you can actually strum. And the Google logo is spelled out with the strings! Look closely! What makes it even more fun is that you can record your composition!

So how can you play guitar with the Google doodle? Read on!
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Google Offers Beta Launches today

April 22, 2011 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle  |  1 Comment
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Watch out Groupon… there’s a new deal site in town. Here’s a hint: it’s the same company who offered to buy you for about 3 billion dollars or so a few months ago. You turned them down. And now Google, who just launched their own deal site – Google Offers – is turning up the heat.
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Google Font Prank: Helvetica Becomes Comic Sans

April 1, 2011 |  by  |  Entertainment, Lifestyle  |  No Comments
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It’s April Fools’ Day–have you been fooled yet? Well, lots of geeks out there have been pranked by Google in what I think is the most underwhelming April Fools’ idea ever. It has to do with two fonts, Helvetica and Comic Sans and is boorrrring.

Find out what the prank is all about after the JUMP!
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Google Doodle: Happy 137th Birthday Harry Houdini

March 24, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle  |  10 Comments
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One of the world’s best escape artists would have turned 137 years old today and Google is honoring him with the Google doodle shown above. Who is it? Harry Houdini of course!

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Google Offers: Latest Group Discount Site

January 21, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle  |  5 Comments
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Consumers want good deals and with sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial, it’s relatively easy to score cheap eats, discounted entertainment and more! A new launch by Google called Google Offers will soon join the competition and has been the talk of the web.

Get all the details on Google Offers after the jump!
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50th Anniversary Of John F. Kennedy Inaugural Address

January 20, 2011 |  by  |  Lifestyle  |  No Comments
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Fifty years have passed since a young and handsome president delivered one of the most uplifting and memorable speeches of our time. The John F. Kennedy inaugural address delivered on January 20, 1961 is in the forefront of Americans’ minds today as we remember John F. Kennedy and an era that has long passed.

Read on for more info on the John F. Kennedy inaugural address!
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